Base Ace Kit 2
Talking Products Ltd
Unit C8, The Premier Centre, Abbey Park Industrial Estate,
Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 9DG, United Kingdom
Tel: 01794 278327   Email:
Size: Approx 30x30x16cm.

Includes four ‘quick clips’ to
secure the assembly. Available
in a variety of colour schemes.
Expansion Kit
Connect the expansion kit either way up to transform your base.
Mini figures and building bricks are not included.
Base Ace Kit 2 includes a sticker set.
Rotate and link to create your own unique battle stations.
Kit 2 is a wedge shape that includes two removable platforms that can be used to hide mini figures or link to other bases.

Base Plate accessories can be added to multiple building areas and
it can be used either
way up.
Tel: 01794 278327
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Where to buy Base Ace
Simply click on the link below to visit the web site where you can purchase all the kits and accessories.  Base Ace is also available on